XI NyNA 2024 / 3-6 September 2024 / Santiago de Compostela


The main goal of this conference is to promote the development and the new knowledge on Analytical Chemistry concepts applied to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The congress is organized by the Trace Elements, Spectroscopy and Speciation Group, GETEE, and the Institute of Materials, iMATUS, at the University of Santiago de Compostela, with the collaboration of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ)- Grupo Especializado en Ciencia y Tecnologías (Bio) Analíticas.  A pre-congress short course on different aspects of the field will be developed in the morning of the 3rd of September.

A “Topical Collection” with selected contributions of XI NyNA 2024 will be published in Microchimica Acta. Poster and oral communications awards sponsored by different Journals and Companies will also be available.


  • Nano(bio)sensors.
  • Nanomaterials for sample preparation.
  • Analytical Nanometrology.
  • Detection, characterization, and quantification of nanomaterials.
  • Applied analytical strategies involving nanomaterials.
  • Other nanotechnological applications and miniaturized nanosystems.


  • Thomas Hirsch (UR, Germany)
  • Heidi Goenaga Infante (LGC, United Kingdom)
  • Yuri Antonio Díaz Fernández (UNIPV, Italy)
  • Katrin Löschner (DTU, Denmark)
  • Carlos Lodeiro Espiño (UNL, Portugal)
  • Fabiana Arduini (UNIROMA, Italy)
  • Luis Liz Marzán (CICbiomaGUNE, UVigo, Spain)
  • Francesco Cubbada (ISS, Italy)
  • José Rivas (iMATUS, Spain)
  • Salvador Pané (IRIS, Switzerland)
  • Begoña Espiña (INL, Portugal)
  • Lourdes Basabe (UPV, Spain)
  • Miriam Chávez Peraza (UaH, Spain)


The conference will take place at the University of Santiago de Compostela facilities (Faculty of Chemistry). Santiago, famous pilgrimage destination of Saint James´ Way, has been a university city since 1495 with a great cultural heritage. It is the capital of Galicia, region in the northwest of Spain, known for its unique traditions and beautiful landscapes.

1st circular XI NyNA 2024